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A Sweet Obsession
[indulge in]A Sweet Obsession :: An Asian Music RP
5th-Mar-2007 02:05 pm
Muse being claimed :: Uruha
Muse's Band and Position :: ex.Ma'die Kusse, ex. L'ie:Chris, ex. Kar+te=zyAnose, guitarist of ガゼット/the GazettE
Mun's Name :: Satty
Mun's LJ :: ihatemyselfand
Mun's AIM :: underthemoonrain
Muse's LJ :: kouyou_desu
Muse's AIM :: kouyounodisorder

Sample post ::

Uruha slouched in the chair, hunkered over picking nervously at his fingers. Kai'd taken away the gift bottle of champagne he'd received suggesting that Uruha should drink less. This had caused the blond guitarist to pout in protest. Really he didn't drink that much! He just liked to have a cup before going on stage to help him move past his nerves and be happy and bubbly for the expectant crowd. It helped him loosen up.

As it was, he was wound tighter than a watch spring, glancing often from his hands to the clock and back again, picking at a hangnail as he counted down the minutes...

Comments :: eh... *shrugs* simple... *scratches back of head and mutters something about Reita and potted plants*
6th-Mar-2007 02:35 am (UTC)
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Yay~!! <3
6th-Mar-2007 02:37 am (UTC) - ::ULTRA MOD!::
Uruha = <3

APPROVED [I'm in the middle of making more crazy MSPain approved pics. xD]
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