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A Sweet Obsession

[indulge in]A Sweet Obsession :: An Asian Music RP

[indulge in]A Sweet Obsession :: An Asian Music RP
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Some people drink, others smoke.

Some peole indulge in a better way.

Welcome to A Sweet Obsession.

Claims and Joining

♪ Check the claims list to see if the person you would like to play is taken.

♪ Please Note: Only members are able to post to the community, please join the community as the Muse you wish to play before making a post.

Muse being claimed ::
Muse's Band and Position ::
Mun's Name ::
Mun's LJ ::
Mun's AIM ::
Muse's LJ ::
Muse's AIM ::
Sample post ::
Comments ::

♪ Once you get an approval from BOTH mods and you can begin posting, playing and promoting

[If for any reason you do not wish to disclose your personal LJ, please let the Mod's know beforehand]


♪ Number one rule: Be nice, as well as Respectful not only to the Mods, but to all the other players as well, if for any reason there is conflict between 2 players, please bring it to the attention of the mods. Don't handle it yourself, please. [Also, any decisions made by the Mods are final.]

♪ Stay in character! Any out-of-character (OOC) posts should be in [brackets].

♪ Logs are very much encouraged, just make sure that they are under a LJ-cut, for the sake of everyones friends page. [Don't know how to make a cut? Go here.]

♪ Yaoi/Yuri/Het is very welcomed, but if you do post a log with content that could be questionable [i.e.: Anything rated over R] please friend lock the entry, many people are at work or at public computers, so just keep things safe.

♪ The things that go on in this RP are STRICTLY FICTIONAL. That means none of the things that take place in the RP have ever happened. [sadly xD]

♪ This community is NON-AU. and eventhough all the events are stictly fictional, please try not to stray too far away from real life [I don't want to see any Kirito's flying spaceships and defeating aliens. Let's be realistic here.]

♪ The Mods understand that everyone has a life outside of LJ, but please try to post once a month, if that time period passes and you have not posted, you will be given ONE warning, if you still do not post the Mods will then remove you from the community. [If you are unable to post; Either make a haitus post on the community, or get in contact with one of the mods and let them know, so they do not remove you from the community] Also, keep updating the mods if you're haitus post is going to last for more than a month. Muse's/mun's on haitus will have one month to give the mods an update, if they fail to then they get cut from the community.

If you have any questions at all, please contact the Mods.


Please feel free to contact these people whenever you feel like it. They totally love it xD

_simplenclean_ xwasurenaikarax @ gmail.com (Helloo Its Sammy)
panda_rama OrenjiNoTaiyou @ gmail.com (shapu APPU)

Claims List

Everyone not on this list is open for grabs.

An Cafe
Name: Bou [Rei]
LJ: cosmos_bou [panda_rama]
Screen Name: Escapism Bou [shapu APPU]

Name: Yumehito [Sachiko]
LJ: romancer_yume [_simplenclean_]
AIM: VirginSnowColor [Helloo Its Sammy]

Dir en Grey
Name: Shinya [Kiri]
LJ itoshisa_myaku_ [amaya_kazuki]
AIM: xMiyuxYuyux [Lecieltetsu69]

Name: Ruki [Aki]
LJ: fithinthebeauty
AIM: Vileness pledge

Name: Uruha [Satty]
LJ: kouyou_desu [ihatemyselfand