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A Sweet Obsession
[indulge in]A Sweet Obsession :: An Asian Music RP
[Super Mods!] 
18th-Mar-2007 10:38 am
KiritoxJun // check out :: Me
Sachi: Hello everyone! This is sort of the offical first update of this community <(^o^)> so let's skip past all the formalities and get down to buisness.
(^o^)v and I know that right now we have a grand total of 5 people who are currently active, but that is just a tiny bump in the road, so everyone needs to get out there and promote.
Feel free to make banners and whatever, you can send them to either me [hellooitssammy@aim.com] or Rei [orenjinotaiyou@gmail.com] and I'll make a little section for Banners.
Just make sure you tell everyone you know who might want to join. I want us to be booming and I want to actually see some logs and activity around here.
You can also feel free to start up logs already, eventhough there are only a few people here.
Mind you, be on the lookout for a log from Yumehito.
Other than that, this is the end of my little part I'm gonna let Rei take over.

Rei :: O________O –hasn’t been to sleep yet.- Ok bare with me X_x;; the sleepy-ness is getting to me X_x. It’s almost been 24 hours since I’ve been awake.

1.) Promote..
2.) Promote
3.) Promote
4.) Promote
5.) Promote
6.) Promote
7.) Promote
8.) Promote
9.) Promote
10.) PROMOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ok I think I handled that topic pretty well! I had to have Sachi-chan slap me to keep me awake but I’m ok ( ̄▽ ̄;)♥

Sachi && Rei
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